Tuesday, September 22, 2009

October 24th-Jesse Mclean!

Side Effects
Jesse Mclean
Saturday, October 24th, 7-11pm
Pharmaceutical marketing strategies and scenic nature photography combine to serve up a warning: Don’t get too comfortable on that plateau. While the view is spectacular there are other forces at work, just out of earshot and bubbling their way toward the placid peaks.

Jesse McLean is an artist working primarily with video. She was born in Philadelphia, studied art at Oberlin College and received her MFA in Moving Image from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has shown her work most recently at threewalls, Migrating Forms at Anthology Film Archives, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Director’s Lounge in Berlin, FLEX, Lump Gallery and Space 1026.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up Next-Michaela Calhoun

Michaela Calhoun

Thalia: Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

oil on Canvas



+Medicine Cabinet+ is extremely excited to present a diorama by artist Michaela Calhoun. Michaela's work in fabric, sculpture, and painting explores the intersection of her practice as a fabricator of facial prosthetics with her interest in folklore (specifically the superstitions attached to magpies). Like a Cabinet of Curiosities traditionally showcasing medical oddities (even though back in the day the "cabinets" were actually small rooms), the faux wood parameters of the +Medicine Cabinet+ will host a proposal for the rectification of a wound which derived from a direct blow of fairytale violence.

SATURDAY,AUGUST 15th, 7-11pm

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Nicholas Peterson
Opening-Friday, July 17th, 7-11pm

Nicholas Peterson incorporates his drawings and paintings into found objects, most of which he uncovered while at work in a local greenhouse. Similar to the greenhouse in a bustling metropolis, Nicholas' work explores the infrequent and mostly futile attempts of pre-industrial plant and animal life's re-entry into the post-industrial urban landscape. A coyote in the freezer of a downtown QuizNo's sandwich shop, a miniature gallery in the +Medicine Cabinet+ of a small two bedroom apartment in Bridgeport, a beer, a Smith's mix tape, skateboarding, and mid July heat and humidity. Join Us!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UP NEXT-Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson
Opening Reception: June 19, 7-11pm

The connection between our childhood sense of mirth and wonder and our adult desires for stability and a sense of security are explored in the Medicine Cabinet by Kevin Robinson. His installation, "The Magic Medicine Cabinet" looks back at the games of our childhood and the insecurity of adulthood. By channeling the power of the Magic Eight Ball into the Medicine Cabinet, Robinson hopes to inspire participants, rekindling a sense of wonder into day to day life. He invites participants to concentrate and ask the Magic Medicine Cabinet a yes or no question, open the door and receive the answer.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I used to say "I" and "me"
Now it's "us", now it's "we"
A veritable cabinet of curiosities himself, occasionally Chicago-based media artist/performer/curator Ben Russell brings his heretofore unacknowledged skills of video camouflage and virtual mimicry to a one-night only engagement at the fabled Medicine Cabinet. Watch in slack-jawed disbelief as he transmutes the world into his image in reverse, utilizing a battery of tricks and tools in the service of ALWAYS BECOMING that include (but are not limited to): live video performance, light-sensitive electronics, Michael Jackson at age 13, and a makeshift cloak of invisibility.

FRIDAY,MAY 22, 7-11pm

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next up Burtonwood and Holmes!!!

Burtonwood and Holmes
Medicine Cabinet
Saturday, April 18th, 7-11pm

The link between consumption and war are made most apparent in Burtonwood and Holmes' large scale sculptures, paintings, installations and urban interventions. Combining throw away coupon print media with the instruments of the battlefield, Burtonwood and Holmes have been fighting the good fight for quite some time now. Come and witness Saturday, April 18th, how these big builders can operate within the modest parameters of the Medicine Cabinet!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

UP NEXT- JT Rogstad

FRIDAY,MARCH 20th, 7-11pm,

3216 s. Morgan St.

Apt 4r
Chicago, IL, 60608

Up next at +Medicine Cabinet+ is artist JT Rogstad. Simply put: a memorial will be constructed. He has created a document of the process to lead up to the final display of his diorama here. You can see previous work by JT, and former Cabinet Member; Noah Furman, here.

From the artist:

Stark Trek::A nervous ensign rebuilds a poor facsimile of the island city of a fallen street racer using the plastic sex tools of a sexless society. A memorial in miniature for a legless wonder and a good friend.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

February 20th-RYAN MURRAY

Friday February 20, 7-11 PM,
3216 S. Morgan st. apt 4r
Chicago, Il, 60608
Ryan Murray, a self described "practitioner of both rigorous academic inquiry and deviant epistemic methods" will be next in the Cabinet. However, it is not just the modest interior of the cabinet that will be the site for this abutment of science, mysticism, and psychedelia. A correaliting site, the refrigerator door, will also serve as host to this alchemical interplay. Magnets may be involved.