Saturday, June 19, 2010

up next! HANDSFREE double decker onslaught!



Peeing is private but those flaming hot cheetos are for the public. INDULGE! Light a match!

Opening: Saturday,June 26th, 7-11pm

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up Next-Philip von Zweck

+medicine cabinet presents Philip von Zweck's medicine cabinet

by Philip von Zweck

No metaphors, no similes.

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 15, 7-11pm

Monday, March 15, 2010



by Clare Britt

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 10th, 7-11pm

Taking it's title from countless spam email subject lines, for +medicine cabinet Britt has decided to pay homage to the male anatomy. Incorporating imagery of dicks, balls, roosters, sausages and more, Britt addresses her personal psyche and sexual frustration with the tools (heh heh!) of play, humor, and crudeness. Playing with different slang vocabulary she will construct a layering of pictures from magazines and books based on cocks and balls. Finally, a dick joke show!!! Just in time for spring.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Up Next-Christa Donner

Christa Donner

This time around in the cabinet, we are very lucky to have Christa Donner grace us with her representations of viscera as they flicker between organs and ornament while blurring what is anatomically correct with the imagined. Join us for this most non didactic (and less awkward) lesson in human anatomy since your 8th grade sex ed class!

Mining the language of folding medical charts and pop-up books, Christa Donner creates alternative anatomies based on sensation and imagination. Her work has been exhibited internationally and across the US, including major projects for the Museum Bellerive (Zurich, Switzerland), Kravets-Wehby Gallery (New York, NY), POST (Los Angeles, CA), the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (Cleveland, OH), the ANTI Festival (Kuopio, Finland), and the Centro Columbo Americano (Medellin, Colombia), and is interwoven with a wide variety of community-based projects, including zines, audio interviews and public workshops investigating body image, art and activism.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 7-11 pm

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chicago's #1 Bathroom Gallery!

The competition was fierce this year but we still managed to come out on top according to NewCity.
Recently the bathroom has acquired a new edition. I got an electric toothbrush! After not being to the dentist in 10 years I realized it's time to take action. I fucking hate dentists.