Tuesday, September 23, 2008


TIMOTHY PIGOTT Opening Reception Saturday November 8, 7-11pm
Timothy Pigott is a collector or archivist of sorts. He catalogs his experiences at the Wilson Skateboard park religiously. You can experience this in explicit detail at his site SUCH LUCK and perhaps live vicariously through the video and photographs that describe so well the experience of skateboarding at Wilson Skatepark. Lucky for the curratorial board here at Medicine Cabinet,Timothy is also a producer of incredibly detailed and poignant portraits of dead people and friends. In regards to his outstanding track record, we here at the M.C. are confident that the fruit of Tim's labor will be greatly tempting, perfectly ripe, and most importantly nutritional! I hope you can come and see whatever the hell he is going to put in the cabinet. This show is the same night as Ann Campbells' Getting Strong Now, in the Second Bedroom. Radness!

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